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Autumn Fruits Pavlova

I love the Autumn season. The colours and array of flavours that you can use is so amazing! The apples, plums, pears, nuts and loads of caramel flavours and ingredients you can use to make so many different desserts and bakes.

With this pavlova. I've used loads of seasonal fruit which is grown in September. I picked up the fruit from my local market in London. The fruit I use are Figs, Blackberries, Apples and Plums. These fruits work so well together and make such a change from the usual pavlova toppings. In order to make this dessert to be more autumn-like, I've made a brown sugar meringue as the base of the pavlova. This gives the dessert a lovely caramel flavour and the drizzle of honey on top of the dessert really enhances this too.


For the Meringue:

200g Egg White

200g Brown Sugar

200g Icing Sugar

For the Topping:

300ml Whipping Cream


Selection of Fruit:

2 Figs

150g Blackberries

1 Apple

2 Plums


  1. Preheat the oven to 110 degrees celsius (fan oven). On a piece of baking paper, draw a 18cm circle and place this onto a baking tray. This is the template for the pavlova.

  2. Place the egg whites and light brown sugar into a clean bowl and put this bowl on top of a pan of boiling water. (also known as a bain marie)

  3. Using a sugar thermometer, heat the eggs and sugar until 60 degrees. Making sure to whisk continuously. Once it has reached the temperature, using a hand held whisk or a free standing mixer with the whisk attachment, mix on full speed until it has cooled down to room temperature and is thick and glossy.

  4. Once the meringue is at this stage, add in the icing sugar and continue to mix until well incorporated and is stiff and shiny.

  5. Using a large spoon or spatula, spoon the meringue onto the baking paper, using a spoon to shape into a round dome roughly to the size of the templates drawn. When you are happy with your shape, place into the oven for about 120 minutes until it has dried out and chewy in the middle. Turn the oven off and leave inside the oven until cool.

  6. Using a whisk, whip the cream to soft peaks. Spoon on top of the meringue and top with loads of the seasonal fruit. Drizzle lightly with honey.


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