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Raspberry Ice Cream - No churn or ice cream maker needed!

Here is one my ice cream maker free ice cream. Stay tuned for more posts with ice cream, as I've loads of ideas in my head!

I have to say this one is one of my favourites. I have such a soft spot for raspberries and they work so well in an ice cream. The tanginess and sharpness compliments the sweetness of the sugar to make a lovely well balanced ice cream.

Have you been fruit picking before? It is such a fun activity to do on a lovely summers day. I've been with my best friend, and we were able to get so much fruit and veg is was great! Plus it's such a good feeling to know where actually your food had come from. You can pick raspberries from farms just outside London. Plus you can easily check online where your nearest fruit picking farms are and I really recommend you going, on a side note, it's so much fun!

You will need a loaf tin or freezable container to put the ice cream in


400g Condensed milk

400g Double Cream

400g Fresh Raspberries , plus a few for decoration


1. Whip the double cream until a soft peak is formed.

2. Using a fork, mash the raspberries to achieve a thick puree. Make sure to keep some lumps of raspberry bigger so you can see the raspberries throughout the ice cream.

3. Mix together the condensed milk and raspberries together. Fold in the cream.

4. You are all done! Pour into a container, place some whole raspberries in the ice cream and then place in the freezer. It should set in about 4 hours, but best to leave overnight.

5. For ideal consistency, I recommend you leaving it outside 20 minutes before serving, so that it can soften a bit.

Serve in a bowl with some fresh raspberries or on an ice cream cone!

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