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Rhubarb Macarons

This time of year in Britain can be pretty scarce of ingredients for desserts. Rhubarb, however, saves the day and gives us a beautifully pink, wonderfully tart and extremely versatile ingredient to use. I have used Rhubarb multiple times to create lots of different desserts, but this is just another way to use the delicious jam I made. The recipe is in another blog post. I've used this jam to fill these delightful pink macaron shells. The tartness of the jam and nuttiness of the shells pair so well together and I hope you will agree!


250g Icing Sugar

250g Ground Almonds

100g Egg White

225g Caster Sugar

60ml Water

80g Egg White

5g Pink food colour

Rhubarb Jam Recipe- see other blog post!


1.Preheat the oven to 170 degrees. Sieve together the ground almonds and icing sugar and put into a bowl making sure they are completely mixed together.

2. In a small jug, measure the 100g egg white with the colour. Whisk until the egg whites are completely pink.

3. Add this mixture, into the almond mix. Using a spatula or scraper, mix until a stiff paste is formed and the colour is completely mixed through. At this point the colour should be very bright as it loses its colour whilst cooking, add more colour if necessary. Now leave this mixture until required later.

4. In a free standing mixer or using an electric whisk, place the 80g egg whites in a bowl. Now place the water and sugar into a pan, and start to bring to the boil. Using a thermometer, cook until it reaches 121 degrees celsius. Whilst cooking the sugar, whisk the egg whites to a medium to stiff peak, then once the sugar is at temperature, slowly pour the sugar into the egg whites on a low speed. Increase the speed once the sugar is completely added. Whisk until cool.

5. Now come back to the almond mixture. add the meringue to the mix, taking 1/3 at a time, fold slowly, making sure to mix thoroughly. Once all mixed together it should look smooth and shiny, and if you make a mark with a spoon through, it should disappear within 5 seconds.

6. Fill a piping bag fitted with a 10mm round nozzle with the mixture. Then pipe the macarons onto baking trays lined with greaseproof paper. Pipe to a 3cm diameter.

7. Leave the macarons outside for about 15-20 mins to ensure they have dried. You should be able to touch them without getting anything stuck on your fingers. Put into the oven for about 10-12 mins. They will be done when you can lift them off the paper easily.

8. Pair the shells to others which are the same size and shape.

9. Filling the shells is quite simple, place the jam in a piping bag and pipe onto one of the pair and then placing the other on top of that.

10. Leave them in the fridge to soften and fuse together, ideally overnight but can be for 30 mins or so.

Then Enjoy!

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